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100% Pure and
Handpicked Saffron

Dedicated To The
Health of India!

Legacy of More
Than 50 Years

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Baby Brand Saffron

An Epitome of Perfection

See how we curate our saffron

The Essence of Purity

Regular Saffron (Impurities & Flower Waste)

  • Patti

  • Thin Style

  • Thick Style

  • Floral Waste

  • Pollen

  • Dirt

Baby Brand Saffron (Premium Saffron)

100% Pure,
Premium Grade 1 Saffron

Here’s The Ideal Way of Using Saffron

Get The Most Out of Our Saffron.

Saffron Powder is plain saffron (whole threads) which is grinded and made into powder form for easier use. It is perfect for the fast paced life of a consumer, as it can be sprinkled, stirred & consumed on the go. The powdered saffron releases its colour, aroma and flavor within seconds which makes it ideal for instant use.

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Get the most out of our saffron.

A few minutes of immersion in water can help Saffron attain its perfect form, where the aroma and colour blends in seamlessly. Let the saffron strands ooze their natural color till the water turns yellow. This will also bring out the fragrance which should easily diffuse the air around you.

Stir this mixture and after 20 mins add it to your recipe as it continues to release aroma, flavor & colour. We suggest you use saffron in this way to reap the best results of our premium saffron.

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50 Years of
Heritage & Trust

  • A timeless tradition

    Our dedication towards procuring the finest saffron transcends six generations.

  • Your invaluable support

    Fifty years of such a fulfilling experience because
    of your trust in us.

  • A legacy of quality & consistency

    We understand that doing honest service
    takes commitment and heart.

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Customers Think!

Ours is a legacy committed to providing you with the best quality saffron in India and worldwide. It makes us immensely grateful for this world spanning journey since our products are not only limited to India, but also shipped globally. We are humbled to find out how our endeavors inspire an enriching experience to our customers.

Curate Your Own Gift Box

For an unforgettable experience,
customize your very own Gift Box.

You Decide & We Design -

  • Step 1

    Baby Brand Saffron Gift Box is a true emblem of your vision & requirements, which are not only taken into consideration, but are given utmost priority and importance.

  • Step 2

    All the personalized details are then reflected in the design to give it an aesthetic that defines you, or your occasional grandeur in a splendid way.

  • Step 3

    We wait for your feedback on the sample, and deliver the luxurious Gift Box to your door after confirmation.

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